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31 October 2020

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  • Build It and Shred It | Corbin Selfe’s DIY Trails in British Columbia
    Not everyone has an extensive network of trails in their hometown. In fact, some people don’t have any trails at all. And while traveling to find trails is what most riders resort to, others decide to grab a shovel and get to work. A prime of example is Corbin Selfe. Growing up in the small Read More
  • Canyon Cashes In: Wall Street Suddenly Loves Riding Thanks to Cycling Boom
    When Covid-19 locked up retail stores in March, bike shops were as worried about landing on the other side as Brooks Brothers and Gold’s Gym. When the pandemic motivated millions of people of all ages, interests and abilities to get on a bike for the first time in ages, cycling stores rode away laughing, while Read More
  • No Lift, No Problem: E-Biker Shreds an Empty Bike Park
    At this point, pretty much everyone has an opinion on e-bikes. Some love ’em and others hate ’em, but there’s no denying their advantages. For a prime example of just how versatile and fun e-bikes can be, we dug up this edit from Levy Batista. With lifts closed at the bike park, the talented e-biker Read More
  • Watch: Drone’s Eye View of a Blistering Bike Park Run in Switzerland
    Drone flight has really become a godsend for cinematography––especially in the world of action sports. In the latest example of rad bike footage captured via drone, check out this edit. Rider Jérôme Caroli laid down a blistering run at the Verbier Bikepark in Switzerland, all the while being buzzed by a drone. Whizzing through trees Read More
  • The Creative Genius Behind Fabio Wibmer’s Wild Trick Videos
    When it comes to getting creative on two-wheels, few people can match the ingenious of Fabio Wibmer. The Austrian trials rider understands the power of creating viral trick videos––Fabiolous Escape, Wibmer’s Law or Home Office, anyone? In this video, the 25-year-old dishes on where he finds his inspiration, how his crazy videos get captured, and Read More
  • Luna the Trail Dog is Every MTB Rider’s Dream Dog
    When it’s time to hit the trails, having a partner to ride with is a good idea. It’s not only safer in the case of a nasty yard sale, but it’s always more fun to share the stoke with a friend. But if another human isn’t around, a four-legged trail buddy is the next best Read More
  • Video: Lots of Flow and a Little Snow at Whistler Bike Park with Jesse Melamed
    Top-ranked Enduro World Series rider Jesse Melamed is a master of flow. To prove that point, let the video above serve as Exhibit A. Last week, Melamed laid down a few hot laps during Closing Day at Whistler Bike Park. With a little bit of snow and whole lot of flow, the Whistler-native gave a Read More
  • Benefits of CBD for Professional Action-Sport Athletes
    From down-hill bikers and road cyclists, to surfers, skiers and skaters, CBD can have a positive impact on any athlete dealing with high-impact or action sports. These sports can be a thrill to watch, and even more to play, but with the heart-racing a few sores and aches are inevitable in between. Finding some relief Read More
  • Coconut and Chill: Recover, Relax and Reduce Stress with 100 Coconuts + CBD
    No question about it. CBD is the hottest product in the wellness world and fitness enthusiasts are using it to reduce inflammation, recover faster and manage daily anxiety. You may have already heard of oils, gummies and lotions but 100 Coconuts has taken the CBD game to the next level with the launch of its Read More
  • Goodbye, For Now
    The Big Pause that has stalled the economy as COVID-19 sweeps around the world, has not spared publishing, and last week, Bike Magazine directly felt the pain of the pandemic’s impact. On Friday, October 2, our parent company, A360 Media, told the staff that Bike would be suspended indefinitely. That includes the print magazine, website Read More