Cross Country

Cross Country Cycling aka "XC" is the oldest, and most common form of mountain biking. It is easy to moderate cycling over a mix of wooded trails and fire roads. 

Image from Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club taken at Warriors Creek

Cross-country Racing

Cross-country racing is done on a course made up of moderate to easy trails over a variety of terrain. Because Cross Country racing focuses on climbing, speed and endurance; cross country bikes are the lightest, most efficient mountain bikes on the market. These bikes are not designed for steep descents or the extreme terrain found in All Mountain or Downhill racing. Typical features of a Cross Country Bike include a lightweight frame with a frame geometry that places the rider in a more up-right position. Cross bikes are designed to maximize suspension capabilities without increasing the weight of the bike. All cross country bikes have front suspension built into the frame (referred to as a "Hardtail"), many now have front and rear suspension (referred to as "Full Suspension"). 

Cross Country Cycling Shoes

Cross Country cycling shoes designed specifically for Cross Country Racing are lightweight, high performance mountain bike shoes designed for high mileage comfort.