Technical Fabric Library - I

INCYTE is a Brushed Tactel®/Lycra® with an Aquapass® finish.

INNOVA®, is a registered trademark of American Fibers and Yarns Co. Innova® is a filament polyolefin (polypropylene) yarn used in base layer fabrics because of its moisture-management, insulative and quick-drying properties. Innova® is a hydrophobic yarn, "water hating", meaning that no moisture is absorbed into the fiber. Perspiration moves away from the skin along the shaft of the fiber to the outside of the garment to be evaporated. Innova® polyolefin has the lowest thermal conductivity rating of all natural and synthetic fibers. Thermal conductivity is the rate at which a substance loses heat. Because of Innova's® low rating, garments retain body heat allowing the athlete cool down slowly after exercising without getting chilled.

INTERA®, is a registered trademark of Intera Technologies, Inc. Intera® fabrics have a hydrophilic (water loving) molecule bonded to the surface of the fiber. This molecule attracts the water and spreads it out over a greater surface area, where it rapidly evaporates.