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LYCRA®, is a registered trademark of E.I.DuPont de Nemours and Co. Lycra® is a man-made elastomeric fiber, known as spandex in the US and Canada and as elastane in Europe.
In technical terms, Lycra® is a "segmented polyurethane." While Lycra® appears to be a single, continuous thread, it is actually a bundle of tiny filaments. It's this unique molecular structure that gives LYCRA® its built-in, lasting elasticity. Stretch it four to seven times its original length, yet the fiber still returns to its starting size once the tension is released.
Lycra® is used in a lot of cycling apparel because it allows the garment to fit like a second skin without being uncomfortable and binding. The higher the Lycra® content in a fabric, the more stretch and recovery the fabric will have