What You Need to Know Before Ordering Custom Cycling Apparel

Most of the printed cycling jerseys that you see on the market are "sublimated". Sublimation is a printing process where the image on a sheet of paper is transferred onto fabric through heat and pressure. The heat and pressure cause the ink on the paper to turn into a gas which permanently impregnates the fabric. The benefit of this process, is that the image is permanent and will not crack or fade like silk screening. Because the ink impregnates the fabric and does not lay on top of the fabric, it does not interfere with the wicking properties, or breathability of the garment; making sublimation the perfect printing process for technical fabrics. Click here to learn more about Sublimation.

Selecting the right company to produce your custom apparel is the key to being satisfied with the final product. With the advent of digital sublimation, there are hundreds of companies that are manufacturing custom sublimated apparel at very low minimum order requirements. Finding the manufacturer that produces the style and quality of garments you need, in quantities you require, at the lowest price, delivered on time, can be a difficult and time consuming process.

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