Bont Women's Riot MTB

The Bont Riot MTB is a carbon composite heat moldable entry level MTB shoe. The Riot MTB combines Bont's pro series technical features including such as power transfer platform for greater efficiency will ascending, replaceable sole guards, anatomical shaping and competition grade materials to create the most technically advanced entry level MTB shoe.


Bont Women's Riot MTB

MSRP: $199.99

Last: A last is a replica of a foot that the cycling shoe is built around. Last makers do not make cycling shoe lasts, they only make shoe lasts so perfecting a cycling shoe last requires a great deal of expertise in functional biomechanics and ongoing research.  Bont has been perfecting performance footwear lasts since 1975. Conventional cycling shoes offer a “dress shoe” type shaping. this can cause the toes to be constricted, compressing the nerves between the metatarsals resulting in the common "hot foot" sensation. Bont's Anatomical Forefoot Shape allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position. The foot is supported in its endeavor to relax through the metatarsal joints allowing the pedaling force to be spread across the greatest possible surface area.

Upper: Carbon Composite Construction with Microfiber Upper maximizes performance at low weight. The fiberglass tub style construction of the chassis has been strengthened with the inclusion of carbon across high stress areas. The carbon has been sandwiched between layers of the fiberglass to maximize strength. Ventilation holes improve airflow through the shoe. Medial Longitudinal Arch Support is designed to prevent pronation of feet; a main contributor to incorrect tracking of knees during a cyclists pedaling phase due to internal rotation of tibia and femur which can result in knee injuries. In addition, Medial Longitudinal Arch Support prevents the rotation of tibia/femur preventing pelvis tilt which can result in lower back strain. Bont’s lateral forefoot support ensures neutral positioning of the forefoot and alleviates common issues associated with over pronation and supination. These issues often result in incorrect tracking of knees causing injuries along with hip and lower back pain.

Heel: The anatomical heel cup shaping of Bont cycling shoes provides increased stability during the pull through stage of pedaling stroke and up stroke. This stabilization is achieved without any mechanical operation or over tightening of straps/laces allowing for increased comfort and blood circulation.

Insole: Comfort

Outsole: Sole has been designed to maximize grip and minimize retention of dirt & mud. Grip components are replaceable with spike mounts located in toe section. 4.8 mm Stack Height. 

Closure: Z form Velcro Straps + Buckle (Replaceable)

Weight: 385 grams

Color: Black

Compatibility: MM grid plus grip / SPD compatible

Sizes: Stock Sizing only (no narrow or wide with) Bont has a "Size Wizard"-  A step by step process to fit stock shoes perfectly.