Diadora Women's X Trivex Plus


White/Black/Fucsia Red



Diadora Women's X Trivex Plus

MSRP: $143.00

Last: Women's Specific Last

Upper: Suprell-Tech - Morpho A.M. Cage: made of soft TPU the holding cage guarantees a secure, long lasting upper with greater stability which provides more power transmission and comfort during your ride. 

Heel: Heel Cup. Inside Ergonomic Heel Support

Insole:  Arch support, EVA, anti stretch fabric

Outsole: SPORT MTB CR - composite reinforced sole STIFFNESS INDEX 6.0.

Closure: Performance - 4 Point Closure: A functional and precise closure system: this buckle has an aluminum chassis and a large release button. 4 different adjustment positions offer outstanding performance and comfort for all kind of feet. Both the ratchet and the buckle can be replaced. Dual ring Closure: The Double Speedlace is a simple but efficient system made of two rings. If your feet are narrow and have a low arch? Take the second ring. Your feet are wide and your instep makes it difficult to wear anything but flip flops? Take the first ring. You will see that in both cases DIADORA shoes will wrap around your feet perfectly. V-Fit Adjust: allows you to adjust the fit for your feet by moving the velcro straps.

Weight: 349 grams/pair

Color: White/Lime or White/Black/Fucsia Red

Compatibility: 2-hole SPD-style cleat attachment


EU: Full Sizes: 37 -43