Cycling sandals are the bicycle industry's best kept footwear secret! The cycling sandal is not only great for warm weather riding; but for touring, and riding in the rain! Nothing beats a great pair of cycling specific sandals to keep feet cool and dry on hot humid days. There is no better alternative for touring. Cycling sandals are lightweight, and easy to pack. SPD compatible, sandals are efficient, and provide all the benefits of a traditional cycling shoe, but are more versitile. Sandals are stiff enough for long rides, but comfortable for walking. On a tour? Go from the bike to the shower, and never take your shoes off. Riding to the beach? No need to worry about sand and water ruining the ride home. Cycling off-road? Cross streams and rivers without concern for soggy wet socks. Sandals are perfect warm weather rain gear for your feet. Add a pair of Gortex® socks, and sandals can be worn in the rain even in cooler temperatures.