Base and Insulating Layer Fabrics


Bodysensors Micro-silk is a proprietary fabric of Terramar Sports Worldwide who was acquired by Lamour Inc. in 2007 . The 100% Microfiber Polyester is combined with EC2® Qwik-Dri™ electrostatic process to create a lightweight, anti-microbial thermal regulating fabric.


Capilene® synthetic baselayer fabrics wick moisture away from your skin, breathe efficiently and dry fast to provide the foundation for any layering system for any pursuit. All Capilene® fabrics have achieved bluesign® approval; have an updated and consistent fit in each fabric weight; and use Polygiene® technology to control odor in the garment. They are the best baselayer option for high-sweat activities and wet conditions. Made from moisture-wicking polyester, Capilene® fabrics keep you warm even when wet, dry quickly, and manage your moisture. Capilene® polyester is made from recycled polyester (35% recycled content or more) and is also machine washable.

Patagonia makes Capilene® fabrics for different levels of exertion and temperatures. All of Patagonia's Capilene® performance fabrics incorporate Polygiene® technology to control odor.


Capilene® 1 Silkweight 

Capilene® Silkweight is Patagonia's stretchiest Capilene performance base layer fabric for breathability and ultra-fast dry times. Worn alone, it provides 50+ UPF sun protection and a cool, drying airflow. Paired with another layer, it wicks moisture and adds warmth when temperatures drop.

Capilene® 2 Lightweight

Capilene® 2 Lightweight is Patagonia's fastest drying Capilene performance base layer fabric. A great weight for aerobic use in mild to cool conditions, its open-knit construction breathes and wicks moisture. Capilene 2 provides 20-UPF sun protection when worn alone and insulates in cool to cold conditions beneath layers.

Capilene® 3 Midweight

Capilene® 3 Midweight baselayers stretch, dry quickly, resist wear and provide excellent insulation and next-to-skin comfort. Mid-weight is a versatile, do it all baselayer for active use in cool to cold conditions.

Capilene® 4 Expedition Weight

Capilene® 4 Expedition Weight is the warmest and most breathable of our Capilene performance fabrics. It’s made to keep you dry and comfortable in cool-to-cold conditions. Soft, stretchy and compressible, it has a smooth face that glides beneath layers and a brushed fleece interior to warm your core, wick moisture and feel smooth against your skin. 


Coolmax®  is a registered trademark of Invista. CoolMax® is made of Dacron® fibers. Dacron®'s four channel fibers create a greater surface area allowing CoolMax® to rapidly move moisture away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric, where it evaporates.


COOLPLUS is a fiber developed by the Chung Shing Textile Co. Ltd. "Coolplus" materials, feature water diffusing and wicking properties. The fibers have excellent texture yield, with several micro- slits within a single fiber; as a result, fabric made from Coolplus fiber doesn't stick to the skin and gives a feeling of coolness to wearers.


C-THRU® is a proprietary fabric of Go-Lite. Unlike conventional hollow-core polyester based fabrics, C-Thru® features a patented C-shaped open channel polyester fiber creating a greater surface area open to the air, allowing moisture to dissipate far more quickly. There are several types of C-Thur® fabric designed for varying temperatures and conditions:


LITE-WEIGHT, 100% C-Thru® 

LITE-WEIGHT, 100% C-Thru® Polyester with mechanical stretch. The lightest weight C-Thru® fabric used alone in warmer conditions for sun protection, or as a base layer in cooler conditions.


MID-WEIGHT, 100% C-Thru®

MID-WEIGHT, 100% C-Thru® polyester with 2-way mechanical stretch. This version of C-Thru® has a denser knit than the lite-weight version and provides more thermal insulation. Can be used alone or as a layer in a full range of cool weather sports.


ACTIVE-WEIGHT, 90% C-Thru® polyester plus 10% Spandex to enhance support. Denser than mid-weight but lighter than Endurance weight. Denser than mid-weight but lighter than Endurance. For all conditions where body-hugging fit is particularly important.


ENDURANCE-WEIGHT 88% C-Thru® polyester, 12% Lycra® blend with 4-way mechanical stretch. The Densest version of C-Thru for the warmest thermalinsulation has a smooth outer knit finish with super-soft brushed inner finish. This wight of C-Thru is used for layering over lighter garments; or as warm, durable outerwear.



Dry-FIT® is a registered trademark of Nike, Inc. Dry-FIT® is a 100% polyester pique knit. The fabric wicks by construction. Hollow core polyester fibers pull moisture away from the skin to the outer microfilament knit on the face of the fabric where it evaporates.


DRYFLEX® Polyester/Lycra was a registered trademark of Louis Garneau Sports Inc


DRY-FLIGHT 100% Polyester is a proprietary fabric of Endura Sport.


DRYTEX® is a registered trademark of Louis Garneau Sports Inc. Dryflex® is 100% polyester lightly brushed on one side. There are several variations of DRYTEX fabric, each designed for varying temperatures and conditions:


DRYTEX® 1000 

DRYTEX® 1000 100% microfiber polyester (5.5 oz/170 g)- an extremely lightweight base layer fabric designed to be worn directly against the skin. Perforations create a layer of air that prevents clinging to the second layer. Because this air layer acts as insulation from body heat, it keeps you cool in hot weather. This stretchy mesh garantees superior comfort and ease of movement.


DRYTEX® 2000

DRYTEX® 2000 100% polyester wicking-finish fibre (6.5 oz/200 g)- a lightweight base layer designed to be worn directly on the skin designed especially for the aerobic sports enthusiasts. This The fabric is specially knitted with channels to allow moisture to escape, to keep you cool and dry in warm weather and warm and dry in cold weather. The extra stretch of the Drytex 2000 guarantees f reedom of movement and comfort.
DRYTEX® 2500 100% polyester wicking-finish fibre (7.25 oz/225 g) a mid weight base layer fabric designed to be worn directly against the skin. Knitted with deep channels to maximize airflow, allowing moisture to escape keeping you cool and dry in warm weather and warm and dry in cold weather.


DRYTEX® 2200

DRYTEX® 2200 100% polyester wicking-finish fibre (9 oz/280 g) The heaviest version of Drytex® 2000. The honeycomb weave maximizes airflow allowing moisture to escape keeping you cool and dry in warm weather and warm and dry in cold weather.t.





DRI-RELEASE® is a registered trademark of Optimer, Inc.. Dri-release® uses a patented blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The natural fibers absorb moisture pulling it off the skin and into the fabric. Synthetic fibers repel moisture, forcing it through the fabric to the outer surface of the garment where it evaporates quickly as airflow moves across the fabric.

FINOSTRETCH (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex - 5 oz/sq/yd) is a proprietary fabric of Sugoi. Constructed with spandex for moveable comfort, FinoStretch features a voided technology that increases the surface area of the polyester fabric for maximum moisture transfer with minimum retention.

POLARTEC®, is a registered trademark of Malden Mills. The Polartec® brand represents a range of technical, polester fleece fabrics for Next-To-Skin, Thermal Insulation, and Weather Protection applications.
POLARTEC® POWER DRY® is a line of base layer fabric designed to pull sweat away from the body. This fabric features a patented bi-component knit construction that uses different yarns on either side of the fabric creating two different surfaces- one that is optimized to move moisture away from the skin, the other to dry quickly.

POLARTEC® POWER STRETCH® is a line of base layer fabric that combines a patented bi-component knit construction with lycra resulting in a moisture wicking fabric with 4-way stretch.
POLARTEC® CLASSIC® is a line of polyester fleece fabrics designed for thermal insulation. In addition to providing warmth without weight, they dry quickly, and are breathable. Polartec® Classic® 100 is a lightest weight used for warm first layers or lightweight sweaters.

Polartec® Classic® 200 is a mid-weight fabric. Polartec® Classic® 300 is the heaviest fabric and is designed for warm thermal layers and very cold outdoor activities.

POLYPROPYLENE is a man-made fiber derrived from the polymerization of propylene. It is lightweight and has a high thermal insulating value. Polypropylene also wicks moisture.

POWERSTATIC is a proprietary fabric of Assos designed to reduce fatigue by enhancing blood circulation through the stabilization of the body's core temperature.

SILK is a natural protein fibre that is obtained from the cocoon of silkworm larvae reared in captivity. Silk does not conduct heat and is a natural thermal retainer.

SPIN-TECH a spun micro fiber polyester, is a proprietary fabric of Bellwether designed to absorb moisture and transfer it away from the skin to the exterior layer of the fabric for quick evaporation.

TACTEL® is a registered trademark of Invista. Made from Nylon® Tactel® is 3 times stronger than natural fibres. Has the breathability of cotton, but dries 8 times faster than cotton.

THERMOLITE®, is a registered trademark of Invista. Thermolite® is a hollow core polyseter. The larger surface area allows for faster evaporation of sweat, by speeding moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric. Thermolite®'s hollow-core fibers trap air for greater insulation. Thermolite® is lightweight and warm.

THERMOSILK®, is a registered trademark of Terramar Sports Worldwide, Ltd. Thermosilk® is 100% silk with an EC2® Qwik-Dri™ electrostatic process which has the ability to actually lift moisture molecules away from the body and break them down for rapid evaporation 

WOOL®, is a registered trademark of The Woolmark Company. Wool® is a fibre that grows on the bodies of sheep. It is one of the oldest textile fibres known to man. Wool® is a natural insulator from heat and cold. It absorbs moisture leaving a dry layer of air next to the skin. The crimp in the wool fibres makes them stand apart from each other. As a result, little pockets of still air are trapped between the fibres. This lining of air trapped inside the fabric acts as an insulator. Although wool® can absorb moisture away from the skin, it repels moisture on the outside. The scales on the outside of the Wool® cause liquid to roll off the surface of the wool® making wool® water repellant.

MERINO® WOOL® refers to they type (or breed) of sheep. There are four strains of Marino sheep... Peppin, Saxon, South Australian, and Spanish. The Saxon strain of sheep produce the finest quality of wool. Saxon wool is extremely bright and white in colour, soft to handle and fine (i.e. narrow) in diameter. These features make this wool prized by the textile industry for the highest quality and most expensive cloths it can produce.

SPORTWOOL® is a two-layer composite fabric. Next to the skin is a layer of fine Merino® wool®, coupled with an outer layer of a tough, easy-care man-made fibre. This unique combination has been engineered to actively wick sweat away from the skin and control humidity change in the skin microclimate.