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Dermizax® is a registered trademark of Toray Industries®. Dermizax® monolithic membrane is laminated between two layers of fabric to create a waterproof, breathable fabric used in outerwear. Dermizax® allows perspiration vapour to escape rapidly and evaporate through the outer layer while remaining completely waterproof. The ultra-thin membrane efficiently controls moisture permeability depending on the microclimate temperature.


Drylete® is a registered trademarks of Hind®, a division of Saucony®, Inc. Drylete® is a moisture management fabric that works by blending different denier nylons together to pull moisture away from the body and spread body perspiration over a greater surface area. Variations on the Drylete® fabric technology allow Hind® to achieve specific technical properties for different climate conditions:

Drylete Mesh

DRYLETE MESH is a blend of hydrophobic polyester yarns and Lycra® in a mesh construction that lets air in while remaining opaque. Air and water pass through fibers, but UV exposure is minimized

Drylete Mesh

DRYLETE AC is a blend of polyester, nylon and Lycra®, designed to provide superior push-pull moisture-management technology in a stretch fabric.


Dryline® is a registered trademark of Milliken & Co® Dryline® combines nylon, polyester and Lycra® to create a push-pull moisture-transport technology. The hydrophobic poly inner layer pulls moisture away from the skin and pushes it to the nylon outer layer where it evaporates quickly.

Drilite Extreme

Drilite Extreme is a high performance waterproof, windproof, breathable monolithic, hydrophilic membrane laminate that responds to temperature becoming more breathable as you become more active. Because of its elasticity, it is ideal for stretch panels in the knees and seat areas. Available in 2 and 3 layer constructions.


Durapel® was a registered trademark of Burlington Industries, Inc. Durapel® is a fluorocarbon, water-repellent finish that is applied to shell fabrics.


Duraspun® was a registered trademark of Solutia, Inc.®, a division of Monsanto Company. Solutia is now owned by Eastman Chemical Company. Duraspun® is an acrylic microfiber used is socks. Duraspun® has a soft hand, is colorfast, and wicks moisture.