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ENTRANT® is a registered trademark of Toray Industries®. Entrant® is a waterproof, breathable fabric made with a three-layer coating structure that incorporates two different microporous layers. The inner layer allows perspiration to escape from the skin during exercise while the exterior layer is waterproof.

Epic By Nextec

EPIC BY NEXTEC® is a registered trademark of Nextec Applications, Inc.® EPIC by Nextec® is a patented process that encapsulates individual fibers with a micro-thin polymer, resulting in a finished fabric that is windproof, water resistant, and breathable.



eVENT® Fabric is a registered trademark of BHA TechnologiesInc.® eVENT® Fabric is a Direct Venting® waterproof barrier that uses ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) laminate technology. The patented Dry System® technology, allows perspiration to dissipate and vent without saturating the inside of the fabric. At the core of eVENT Fabric is an ePTFE film that has been rendered oil-repellant, and thereby free from body-oil contamination, via a method that retains both the inherent open-pore structure of the membrane as well as its hydrophobic properties.