Technical Fabric Library - H


Hydrator® is a registered trademarks of Hind®, a division of Saucony®, Inc. Hydrator® is a polyester based fabric that utilizes two different surface textures to manage moisture. The smooth inner surface absorbs moisture and pushes it to the breathable open texture of the outer surface for rapid evaporation. Variations on the Hydrator® fabric technology allow Hind® to achieve specific technical properties for different climate conditions:

BRUSHED HYDRATOR MESH 100% polyester in a mesh construction allows air to circulate while it lays comfortably against the skin. The mesh construction lets air in while remaining opaque. Air and water pass through fibers, but UV exposure is minimized.


Hydroflex®is a registered trademark of Consoltex®. Hydroflex®is a polyurethane-based coating that is laminated to nylon or polyester to creates a durable, waterproof, breathable, wind-resistant fabric used in outerwear.


Hydroweave® is a registered trademark of AquaTex Industries, Inc.®. HydroWeave® is a three-layer composit fabric that combines special hydrophilic fibers (fibers that attract water) and hydrophobic fibers (fibers that reject water) into a fibrous batting core. The batting is sandwiched between a breathable outer shell fabric and a thermally conductive, inner lining. Hydroweave® separates the wearer from moisture, and acts as the critical conduit for exchanging user heat with cooling comfort. Soaking Hydroweave in water for five minutes activates the cooling process, charging the hydrophilic fibers with moisture. The hydrophobic fill evenly distributes and surrounds the charged fibers with air, creating an ideal environment for evaporation. When moisture in the batting evaporates, heat is removed, cooling the surrounding area while the conductive lining transfers cooling to the wearer. When in contact with the wearer’s skin heat passes directly from the body to Hydroweave based on the difference in temperature between the body and the garment. The heat that transfers to Hydroweave is released to the outside environment by evaporation of the water in the garment. Because of the even distribution of water-absorbent polymer throughout Hydroweave’s batting, cooling is provided evenly throughout the entire garment and can continue to cool for up to eight hours depending on the degree of garment contact, environmental conditions, wearer physical activity, and type of outer clothing worn.