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Sensura® was a registered trademark of Wellman Inc which was acquired by DAK Americas in 2011. Sensura® is a synthetic fiber that has the look and feel of combed cotton. Because it is a polyester based fabric, it wicks moisture better than natural cotton


Spandura® is a registered trademark of H. Warshow & Sons. Spandura combines the toughness of Cordura® with the stretch of Lycra. Each yarn consists of Cordura fibers spun around a Lycra core. Because of this tricky blend, the resulting fabric feels soft, supple, and stretchy, with none of the stiffness or boardy feeling that you might expect from a fabric made of Cordura®. 


Sportwool® was a registered trademark of Woolmark Americas, Inc. dba The Woolmark Company. Sportwool® combines man-made fibre technology with Merino Wool to achieve a line of technical wool fabrics that have the ability to wick moisture, control temperature, and are weatherproof.


Sunpaque® was originally a registered trademark of Tomen Corporation (merged with Toyota Tsusho Corporation in 2006) and is now a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation. Sunpaque® provides exceptional sun protection because the fabric has high-density titanium in the core of each fiber. The titanium core prevents Sunpaque® from being transparent, even when wet, blocking UV rays.


Superroubaix® is a registered trademark of M.I.T.I. Spa Superroubaix® is a winter weight fabric with two-way stretch and brushed back for extra warmth, made from nylon and elastane. 


Supplex® was a registered trademark of E.I.DuPont de Nemours and Co which was acquired by Invista. The Supplex® brand represents a line of state-of-the-art nylon fabrics specially engineered to provide the soft, supple touch of cotton with the strength, durability and performance advantages of nylon.


Sympatex® is a registered trademark of Sympatex Technologies. Sympatex® is a hydrophillic laminate used to waterproof fabric.