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Tactel® is a registered trademark from INVISTA®. Tactel® has the durability of nylon, but a much softer feel. Tactel® is 3x stronger than natural fibers such as cotton, and dries 8x faster than cotton. Tactel® nylons are also extreemely breathable.


Taffeta refers to a plain weave fabric made with a slightly ribbed texture. Fabric can be woven from silk, linen, nylon or rayon. 


Taslan® was a registered trademark of E.I.DuPont de Nemours and Co. and refers to the process used to texturize nylon fibers using compressed air. The process caused the fibers to swell up making them softer to the touch without hurting the water repellant and wind blocking features of the fabric.


Technofine® was originally a registered trademark of Tomen Corporation (merged with Toyota Tsusho Corporation in 2006) and is now a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation. Technofine® is a high-tech polyester yarn that has a specially designed "W" shape when viewed in cross section. The overlap of the "W" shape speeds up a fabric's ability to transport water away from your skin. Its increased surface area increases the evaporation rate.


Teflon® was a registered trademark of E.I.DuPont de Nemours and Co. used under license by Invista for some time. DuPont's Teflon® DWR Coating provides maximum water and stain repellency without affecting the breathability of the fabric it is applied to.


Thermaldress® was a registered trademark of Bellwether. Thermaldress® regulates body temperature by construction. The inner surface of the fabric traps body heat inside the soft brushed inner surface and transfers moisture away to the outer surface for quick evaporation.


Twill® refers to fabrics made with a special weaving process. The filling threads are woven over and under two or more warp yarns, producing a characteristic diagonal pattern that produces a diagonal rib on the fabric.