Audax aka “Fast Tourer” is a specialty form of touring bike that is designed for long distance, non-stop rides that can last for several days and nights.

Audax from Roberts Cycles

While the Audax may look like a traditional road bike, it is designed for long-distance comfort. Audax bikes have shock-absorbing frames and bigger tires for a smoother ride. They are also designed to have a more upright seating position than traditional race bikes which is necessary for the long hours that riders will spend in the saddle. Since most Audax events are long and hilly, Audax bikes have a wider range of gears  with triple chainsets being standard. Official Audax events require mudguards and lights so most Audax bikes will come equipped with mudguards and lights. Since it is helpful to have the ability to carry extra gear on long rides most Audax bikes will also have a rear rack.