Child Transport Bikes

Technology is taking the original Dutch Bakfiets (bicycles designed specifically for transporting large loads and precious cargo) to a hole new level. Modern Child Transportation bikes are built using lightweight materials and advanced technology, providing a  great alternative means of transportation and entertainment for families.

Urban Arrow

The Urban Arrow electric transport bike is designed for families with young kids that want a green, affordable and time saving alternative for their city cars. The modular frame makes it possible to attach different front frames, resulting in a regular transport e-bike or a 3 wheeled cargo e-bike.

Zigo Leader 

Is it a Stroller Bike, Bike Stroller or Strollercycle? Save the world a little. Spend time with your kids. Get healthy. Reduce your carbon footprint. The Leader™ Cycle is a practical multi-speed city bike, perfect for around town errands or recreational riding, with or without the ChildPod™. The ChildPod™ allows children to ride in full view of the pilot and can fit in the trunk of an economy size vehicle or a typical closet. The ChildPod stroller easily rolls through standard doorways.


Nihola Cigar Family Trike

Madsen Bucket Bike 

Load up the kids and head to the market. The BUCKET model will carry your precious cargo and help you complete all your errands in style. The 40 gallon cargo/ passenger bucket comes equipped with removable seating and seat belts for four.


A Normal Bike plus Child Carrier plus stroller- Three In One Alternative transportation.